A Stylist, Friend, and Therapist

When I first started working downtown, I remember feeling really overwhelmed.

Loraine Quinto

Everyone seemed so interesting and successful. It was hard to get used to the pace and hustle of the city.

Queen and AugustaLoraine QuintoLoraine Quinto

Everyone had a story.

Tough Guy

I love being a barber. It’s like being someone’s stylist, friend, and therapist.

Barbershop Loraine Quinto

Now I work at Original Grooming Experts, a barbershop near Richmond and Spadina. I really enjoy working there and getting to know so many different people.


I finally moved downtown, from Brampton. My commute used to be two and a half hours.

Living at Queen and John, it’s a seven minute walk to work. Now I can grab a coffee, people watch, and enjoy the nice weather!

Loraine Quinto

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