A Fire in the Grove

Having fires here has always been a really special thing to do, even before Brighid was born.

Park, women, girl, mother, daughter, portrait

Dufferin Grove Park

Just being able to have a fire in the city, and sing songs and tell stories around a fire. It’s not something that we really equate with an urban experience.

girl, tree, climb

girl, tree, climbWoman, looking, up

When I found out I was going to have a child, I wanted to be close to this park. Because I wanted that experience to be a regular part of our life.

girl, music, guitar, portrait

Brighid and Kim-10

It’s been a big part of Brighid’s life.

guitar, chord, martin

If you’re Christian, you have your baptism, and if you’re Jewish, you have a bris. We aren’t religious in a traditional way, but I feel like it’s important to have rites of passage. 

Park, women, girl, mother, daughterPark, women, girl, mother, daughter

When she was three months old, we had the naming ceremony here. All kinds of people came. We told the story of the goddess that she was named after, and people made pledges. And now we still come here. We book the fire pit and have sing-alongs.

Thanks to Brighid and Kim for sharing their story. Check out Brighid’s website to hear some of her folk music!

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One thought on “A Fire in the Grove

  1. I have four big fire logs to contribute to Dufferin Grove fire pit. They are sitting
    out front of my porch. Come and get them Dufferin Grove fire starters. I don’t
    have a car. They’re getting wet today, but will still make a glorious fire when
    all dried out!


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