Happy Memories in the Ravine

We call it The Loop.

Heather Trim-12

7 km or so for running, dog walking or snowshoeing.

You see the Brickworks over here, which is so pristine, and then you get back to our side and you see the wildness.

woman, portrait, rocks, natureHeather Trim-8Heather Trim-10nature, tree, leaves

It really feels like you’re in the wild.

woman, dog, portrait, smile, happy, family, walk, nature dog, portait

Kea once spotted a deer and barked like mad! But the deer was fast and took off.

A deer right downtown – amazing!

Heather Trim-11toronto, chorley park

And the girls – Nicole and Kate – rode all the way up that hill with their bikes. It was a big ride, not paved then. More of a trail.

It’s not such a big hill, but when you’re five and seven it is!

nature, hill, toronto, brickworkswoman, dog, happy, brickworks, brickwoman, dog

I have so many happy memories here. Ravines are what make this city.

Thanks to Heather for sharing her story. Follow her food-related musings on Twitter and Instragram! And be sure to tune in to Breakfast Television on June 1 for Heather’s great recipes using local greenhouse vegetables.

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