A Real Community

I met Ryan at Wet Bar on Richmond and Peter in 2007. This was back when the area was mostly clubs.

Portrait, Pose, Toronto, CouplePortrait, Pose, Toronto, Couple, yoga, acrobuddhas

At the time, we were both naïve in understanding who we were as people. I was in a stage of self-discovery, rebelling after a recent heartbreak, and Ryan was full of energy and confidence. He was also really charming.

Acro!Portrait, Pose, Toronto, Couple

We partied all the time at Richmond and Peter, and we knew everyone at the clubs. It was a fun time in our lives, but we’re not interested in that lifestyle anymore.

WarehousesPortrait, pose, toronto, couple

When I return to the area, I see that so much has changed. Back then, it was so rowdy, and there were police officers lining the streets to keep everything under control. But now it’s a real community, and it’s nice to see diversity downtown.

FlowersMiranda and RyanMiranda and RyanMiranda and Ryan

It reminds me of how much we’ve changed since then. 

Portrait, Pose, Toronto, Couple

Teaching and practicing yoga has given me a better understanding of who I am as a person, deep down.  

Portrait, Pose, Toronto, Couple, yoga, acrobuddhas Portrait, Pose, Toronto, Couple

Thanks to Miranda for sharing her story. Check out Acro Buddhas to see the amazing acrobatic yoga poses that she performs with Ryan!

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