At Home

Ever since I was a little kid, this has been where I’ve felt at home.

Sebastien Centner

I grew up just a few streets north of Yorkville, and my parents always had businesses around here. 

Sebastien Centner

I have so many memories of this place.

Sebastien Centner

So as a kid, I used to hang out there a lot.

Sebastien Centner

When I was 16 and 17, I would try to get the servers to serve me drinks under age.

Sebastien CentnerManulife Centre

But they never did!

Sebastien Centner

All my friends would get served though. They joke with me about it to this day.

Sebastien Centner

When we moved to Bay street it was crucial that we maintained our visibility from Bloor.

We are Bloor Street Diner after all! I hang out there even more now.

View View

The neighbourhood has evolved. Just like every area does. But the feeling hasn’t changed. It has always been a vibrant area, and that continues to grow.

I feel really lucky to be able to spend my time here.

Thanks to Sebastien for sharing his story. Check out Eatertainment, his hospitality and entertainment business, and visit The One Eighty and The Bloor Street Diner in the Manulife Centre! You can also watch him on The Marilyn Denis Show.

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[Editor’s note: Sebastien’s restaurants don’t serve alcohol to people under age…]

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