Memories at York Mills

I used to be a PR assistant.

woman, portrait, torontosign, text, york mills, ttc, subway, toronto

At a two person company. A family business.

It was one of my first jobs out of university.

woman, portrait, toronto, walking

The person that I worked with really promoted me and my writing. Alan Schwarz.

He got me on a radio show!

woman, portrait, toronto, laughing

I haven’t spoken to him in years. But he was more than a boss. He was a mentor, and a friend.

I used to take the 96 bus from York Mills to get to work. Being here really reminds me of him, and my time there. 

woman, portrait, toronto, writing, thinking

That was what started my writing career.

sign, text, york mills, ttc, subway, toronto

Thanks to Michelle for sharing her story. Check out her blog, Words with Michelle!

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