A Stark Contrast

I moved to Canada when I was 10.

portrait, woman, toronto, symmetry, fountain

To North York.

Look, blue, red door, portrait

When I came to Toronto, I went to an arts school. My studio faced the towers in North York.

Walk, small, large, buildings, street, toronto

Over time, I developed an artistic appreciation of the city.

woman, pose, fun, garage, portraitWoman, portrait, toronto, greenBriefcase, blue, colours, texture, material, fashion

As an urban planner, I notice a  stark contrast here.

Walk, street, Toronto, north york, hot dog stand, street meat, mel lastman squarewoman, toronto, portrait, suburban

Between the North American idea of a suburban home, with a white picket fence.

house, contrast, size, scale,

Right next to towers. Which I’m actually more familiar with from China.

Seeing that weird juxtaposition made me really interested in cities, and how they’re formed.

Window, frame, portrait, contrast, toronto, house

Thanks to Helen for sharing her story. Check out the STEPS Initiative, an arts and community engagement organization she helped start when she was 19!

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