Three Fired Guys Minus One

Editor’s Note: The Following is an abridged version of a story written as part of a collaboration with The Globe and Mail. The story originally appeared on December 23, 2015.

One rainy Monday morning, Cam and I pulled up in front of The Roundhouse. I saw a sign that read: ‘For Commercial Use Proposals, Call This Number’. We called.  

Cam and Greg Steam Whistle-4569Cam and Greg Steam Whistle-4600

When we started, it was all abandoned fields, rail tracks, and locomotive repair yards. It wasn’t the vibrant urban neighbourhood you see today. People didn’t think they could access The Roundhouse at all.

Cam and Greg Steam Whistle-4529Cam and Greg Steam Whistle-4668

In the beginning, we even had to host events to prove to the community that we were here!

Thanks to Cam and Greg for sharing their story. Enjoy Steam Whistle Pilsner in Toronto and across Canada!

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