Feeding the Squirrels

I moved to Toronto from Serbia when I was six years old.

Tamara Vojlnovik

It was 2003.

Tamara Vojlnovik

Not knowing anybody except my family.

Tamara Vojlnovik

We decided to move to Yonge and Eglinton to be near our family who lived on Erskine.

Yonge and Erskine

They moved back to Serbia, but they’re coming to visit. I’m really excited to see them!

Under Construction

During the summer when I moved here, my grandfather used to walk me every day to my cousins’ place.

Tamara Vojlnovik

We would pick up a bag of chestnuts and feed the squirrels.

Tamara Vojlnovik

Eventually, there was an abundance of squirrels! 

Tamara Vojlnovik

Now, every time I see a squirrel, I think of my grandfather.

Tamara Vojlnovik

Thanks to Tamara for sharing her story. Check out her modelling work on Instagram!

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