Riverdale Memories

Editor’s Note: The Following is an abridged version of a story written as part of a collaboration with The Globe and Mail. The story originally appeared on February 12, 2016.

I used to hear stories about Riverdale. My uncle always liked to go tobogganing at Riverdale Park. One time, when he was a kid, he was run over by a bobsled.

Lea Ann Belter-6292Lea Ann Belter-6314

And my dad wiped out at Dundas and Broadview on his Harley Davidson. I guess I thought it must have been a dangerous place!

Lea Ann Belter-6201Lea Ann Belter-6283

My dad owned an office systems company, which sold automated filing machines. During my summers I used to work there, putting 10,000 labels on 10,000 file folders. It wasn’t fun, but I learned a lot about the value of working for yourself.

Lea Ann Belter-6417Lea Ann Belter-6320

Thanks to Lea-Ann for sharing her story!

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