No Egos in Parkdale

When I moved downtown from Mississauga a few years ago, I moved to Parkdale.

Portrait, Man, Toronto

Just around the corner from The Rhino. 

Queen Street Ash M Rhino-3

I rented a small house owned by a woman with really strict rules (no puppies allowed!).


But I did what I had to do to be closer to work. Closer to downtown.

Open Portrait, Man, Toronto, Dod, the rhino

When Tara moved in with me and we got our dog Marley, we needed to find a place where we could take her. 

Portrait, Man, Woman, graffiti dog, pug

We used to walk around here a lot when we moved in. Carrying a puppy, we couldn’t get very far.

Ash and Tara

The Rhino is one of the only dog friendly spots in Toronto.

Ash M Rhino-2 man, walk, look, graffiti man, walk, look, graffitiart, graffiti

The first time we realized we could sit here with Marley, we sat here for a while, but she couldn’t walk back. I had to tie her in my shirt like I was carrying a small child!

Portrait, Man, Toronto Portrait, Man, Toronto

There are no egos in Parkdale. That’s what I love about it.

Thanks to Ash for sharing his story. Check out his adventures in Toronto on Instagram!

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