Out of My Shell

Editor’s Note: The Following is an abridged version of a story written as part of a collaboration with The Globe and Mail. The story originally appeared on March 11, 2016.

Growing up, life wasn’t so easy. I was always really shy, and kids picked on me a lot.

Kevin Timberlake-5483

As I got older, some people I knew on my street were making fun of me because I didn’t know how to play sports. One day, they had a home-run competition, and they asked me to play. I could barely hit the ball. And they laughed at me. Those kids were mean.

Kevin Timberlake-5459Kevin Timberlake-5530Kevin Timberlake-5569

Some of my teachers told my family about the Special Olympics. I started out playing floor hockey. Finally, I had a way to meet lots of people and learn some new skills.

Thanks to Kevin for sharing his story.

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