Giving it a Shot

When I first got to Toronto I didn’t like it.

Man, male, model, portrait, graffiti

I was in New York for six months. Spain for three. 

Man, male, model, portrait

When I got here, it was cold and desolate. I felt like there was nothing going on.

Man, male, model, portrait

Walking around the main streets. Wondering where everybody was.

Man, male, model, portrait, graffiti

The thing that really grabbed me about the city was the people. They were so nice!

Man, male, model, portrait, smile, graffiti

Especially at the Outpost Coffee Roasters. I had this moment of realization. I wanted to start my business here.

sign, coffee shop, torontoOutpost Coffee RoastersMan, male, model, portrait, silhouette

So I decided to give Toronto a shot.

Man, male, model, portrait

Thanks to Jeffery for sharing his story. Check out his life drawing classes for bachelorette parties, and his amazing photography!

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