Important Places

My formative years were in Thorncliffe Park.

Peter Lepeniotis

As a kid, I thought that was the most inconsequential place in the universe.

Peter Lepeniotis

I know that’s a common feeling.

Peter Lepeniotis-1791

I used to hang out in in the park, around the Don Valley, all the time. With my friends.

Peter Lepeniotis Peter Lepeniotis

We would play Star Wars, pretend to be soldiers, go for Cub Scouts, or do whatever. 

SquirrelPeter Lepeniotis

The carefree experiences I had as a child seemed mundane to me at the time.

Peter Lepeniotis

Then I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my animation career. I lived down there for seven years.


In LA, the it was so beautiful all the time. But sometimes I just wanted a cloudy day!

I remember one day thinking, “this looks like the Don Valley!”. And I would feel happy all of a sudden.

Peter Lepeniotis-1883

It was there that I realized that the joys I found in LA were only in reference to the glorious times I had being a kid back home.

Peter Lepeniotis

Peter Lepeniotis

The places you think are not important, actually are.

Thanks to Peter for sharing his story. Check out his short film, ‘Surly Squirrel’, and his feature film, ‘The Nut Job’!

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