By the Water

I was born in Jamaica.

portrait, man, park, student

So I really love being by the water.

man, toronto, beach, portrait, boardwalk, the beaches

The first time I came to the Beaches was a really happy memory for me.

man, portrait, beach, toronto

Canada Day 2005.

beach, toronto

It was with my wife on our first family outing. With a limousine stroller.

man, hands

Not every memory is easy for me though.

man, beach, portrait, toronto

I brought my kids here once, and they were riding their bikes. I was so excited to be that father. To have that moment.

I briefly couldn’t find one of my sons.

The anxiety I felt was awful.

man, portrait, beach, toronto

I felt like a fraud. Especially because of the work I do with black fathers.

glasses, still life, boardwalk hat, beach, still life, toronto, city water, beach, lake

But I love this place.

beach, toronto, volleyball

Being by the water gives me life. 

And reminds me of home.

Thanks to Brandon for sharing his story. Check out his organization, The Black Daddies Club, a group devoted to developing a support system and address issues facing black fathers,  and working with the media to promote alternative images of black fathers.

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