Nostalgia Will Always Lie to You

Editor’s Note: The Following is an abridged version of a story written as part of a collaboration with the Globe and Mail. The story originally appeared on September 18, 2015.

I moved to Dawes Road in 1992 in the wintertime.

Portrait, Toronto, Man, Hip Hop, Portrait, Toronto, Man, Hip Hop,Portrait, Toronto, Man, Hip Hop,Portrait, Toronto, Man, Hip Hop,Portrait, Toronto, Man, Hip Hop,

When I was around 14 I started rapping here. A friend of mine inspired me. I spent a lot of time with others in the ‘cypher’ – the rap circle.

Portrait, Toronto, Man, Hip Hop,Portrait, Toronto, Man, Hip Hop,BridgePortrait, Toronto, Man, Hip Hop,

I’m well guarded with those good memories, but things were never all good here.

Portrait, Toronto, Man, Hip Hop, Ian Alistaire McWilfred Apartment Portrait, Toronto, Man, Hip Hop,

Nostalgia will always lie to you.

Thanks to Ian for sharing his story. Check out his new album, T.O. Noire!

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A Real Community

I met Ryan at Wet Bar on Richmond and Peter in 2007. This was back when the area was mostly clubs.

Portrait, Pose, Toronto, CouplePortrait, Pose, Toronto, Couple, yoga, acrobuddhas

At the time, we were both naïve in understanding who we were as people. I was in a stage of self-discovery, rebelling after a recent heartbreak, and Ryan was full of energy and confidence. He was also really charming.

Acro!Portrait, Pose, Toronto, Couple

We partied all the time at Richmond and Peter, and we knew everyone at the clubs. It was a fun time in our lives, but we’re not interested in that lifestyle anymore.

WarehousesPortrait, pose, toronto, couple

When I return to the area, I see that so much has changed. Back then, it was so rowdy, and there were police officers lining the streets to keep everything under control. But now it’s a real community, and it’s nice to see diversity downtown.

FlowersMiranda and RyanMiranda and RyanMiranda and Ryan

It reminds me of how much we’ve changed since then. 

Portrait, Pose, Toronto, Couple

Teaching and practicing yoga has given me a better understanding of who I am as a person, deep down.  

Portrait, Pose, Toronto, Couple, yoga, acrobuddhas Portrait, Pose, Toronto, Couple

Thanks to Miranda for sharing her story. Check out Acro Buddhas to see the amazing acrobatic yoga poses that she performs with Ryan!

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Step Back, Pause, and Recharge

I moved to Toronto in 2012, and I didn’t know anyone in the city.

Woman, portrait, hat

It seemed really hectic.

Woman, portrait, hat

So I was looking for a place where I could step back, pause, and recharge.

Woman, toronto, garden, spadina house museumbee, nature, flower, yellow

I found the Spadina Museum House and Gardens on a list of historic Toronto sites.

architecture, toronto, spadina house museum architecture, toronto

They have a very private garden. It’s a very intimate space. Not crowded or far away.

garden, stone

One spring, I came here to see the cherry blossoms.

woman, garden, toronto, portrait

I just happened to fall asleep.

woman, portrait, model, fashion woman, portrait, model

The wind had blown the petals off the trees, and I woke up covered in cherry blossoms!

Woman, portrait, hat, smile, model, fashion

That was really nice. 

nature, portrait, woman, fashion, tree

Thanks to May for sharing her story. Check out her alternative modelling work!

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Clarity in High Park

I’ve been a city kid all my life.

Portrait, style, fashion, park, man, torontosign, park, toronto, high park

At one point in my life, I was labelled an ‘at-risk youth’. My life wasn’t going in the right direction.

Portrait, style, fashion, park, man, toronto

But a lot of people just need someone to believe in them. That was the case for me.

Joshua Peters Portrait, style, fashion, park, man, toronto Portrait, style, fashion, park, man, toronto

I was hustling bad things in Toronto, around North America then Internationally. It was good money, but I knew it was wrong and wasn’t what I wanted to do. Took the things I learned from that and applied it to legitimate businesses.

Park, man, portrait Portrait, style, fashion, park, man, toronto

Portrait, style, fashion, park, man, toronto

Portrait, style, fashion, park, man, toronto

And two years ago my business partner and I started Blast Marketing, an experiential marketing company. This is my first business where I actually had the intentions of helping others and giving them jobs. Ironically it’s been my most profitable venture.

Portrait, style, fashion, park, man, toronto

I also work with the city’s homeless. This is something that’s very important to me.

So I’m a very busy guy, and I give a lot of myself.

Joshua Peters-7936Joshua Peters-7946

But sometimes I need to get away from it all.

High Park Ducks High Park High Park

Coming to High Park has always been a pleasure for me. 

Portrait, style, fashion, park, man, toronto

I come here to get some clarity, look at the green space, and enjoy nature.

Thanks to Joshua for sharing his story. Check out Blast Marketing, his experiential marketing company, and make sure to check out his company selling remote control miniature tanks!

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A Nursery at the Barns

When I moved into the neighbourhood ten years ago, I was really missing my old neighbourhood down at College and Bathurst.

Alison Gordon

But then the Wychwood Barns opened. 

Wychwood Barns Wychwood BarnsAlison GordonAlison Gordon

And the neighbourhood just came to life for me.


I love coming to the farmer’s market on Saturday. And seeing all my friends and my kids’ friends.


Having kids it’s been amazing to come here with them all the time. They can play in the park, check out the community gardens and use the pizza oven!

Alison Gordon

I’ve been involved in some incredible things at the Barns.

Every year I volunteer at the Gluten Free Garage. And I helped to start the nursery school there – The Hélène Comay Nursery School.

Alison Gordon Nursery

We were looking for a special place, that could house this special nursery school! 

Alison and Son

And this was the most perfect space.

Thanks to Alison for sharing her story! Make sure to check out Rethink Breast Cancer, the charity she co-founded, and check out her work in the medical marijuana field.

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Watching the East End Emerge

I’m an east-ender, through and through.

Joel LoblawJoel Loblaw

I grew up in The Beaches. In the far east end of Toronto.

Joel Loblaw

When it came time to settle and buy a house, Leslieville was the right neighbourhood for my wife and I.

Joel Loblaw

Affordable, and kind of cool.

Joel Loblaw

Now we live there, with our two little boys – Emerson and Cooper.

Joel Loblaw

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to live in Leslieville and work in Corktown for the bulk of my career.

Loft Joel Loblaw

It has always been important to me to be able to walk or ride my bicycle to work. I never understood having to drive two hours to get to work!

The Bridge

Walking in this neighbourhood, I see new restaurants and shops opening up all the time.

Queen Street Joel Loblaw

And almost every day, I come across interesting people with interesting stories.

Joel Loblaw Joel Loblaw

It’s been a fantastic thing to watch the east end emerge.

Joel Loblaw Thanks to Joel for sharing his story. Check out his firm’s incredible landscape design projects, and follow him on Instagram!

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By the Water

I was born in Jamaica.

portrait, man, park, student

So I really love being by the water.

man, toronto, beach, portrait, boardwalk, the beaches

The first time I came to the Beaches was a really happy memory for me.

man, portrait, beach, toronto

Canada Day 2005.

beach, toronto

It was with my wife on our first family outing. With a limousine stroller.

man, hands

Not every memory is easy for me though.

man, beach, portrait, toronto

I brought my kids here once, and they were riding their bikes. I was so excited to be that father. To have that moment.

I briefly couldn’t find one of my sons.

The anxiety I felt was awful.

man, portrait, beach, toronto

I felt like a fraud. Especially because of the work I do with black fathers.

glasses, still life, boardwalk hat, beach, still life, toronto, city water, beach, lake

But I love this place.

beach, toronto, volleyball

Being by the water gives me life. 

And reminds me of home.

Thanks to Brandon for sharing his story. Check out his organization, The Black Daddies Club, a group devoted to developing a support system and address issues facing black fathers,  and working with the media to promote alternative images of black fathers.

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